Sunday, 10 June 2018

understanding of life. Additional information 2

Homeostasis - the term was coined by Cannon 1932.
Ringer- developed the technique of keeping tissues and organs alive outside the body.
Natatiorial adaptation -aquatic adaptations like streamlined body fins or paddle like Limbs or webbed digits.
Fossorial adaptations -burrowing adaptations like strong shoulders forward four Limbs and special digging organ.
cursorial adaptations- adaptations for walking and running like elongation of limbs development of hooves( anguligrade,e.g.cattle) spreading of digits( digitigrade,e.g. dog) human beings and bipedal (on two Limbs) while most other animals are quadripeds( on four Limbs).
scansorial adaptations- they are adaptations for climbing like a day shift desk and recurved claws in wall lizard
volant adaptations- they are flight adaptations like body covering with feathers light and fused bones wings.
Adhesion it is sticking aur attachment to dissimilar part as water molecules to walls of treachery elements.
Cohesion- it is sticking together of similar part as water molecules amongst themselves in liquid state through hydrogen bonds.
chloride shift it is the phenomenon of passage of chloride ions from plasma into red blood corpuscles in return for the release of bicarbonate ions from red blood corpuscles.
Bioenergetics -it is the study of flow of energy into an organic system (e.g ecosystem, human beings) involving storage, transfer, transformation and dissipation.
Biodynamics- branch of science weather activities and bioenergetics of living beings.
Thermodynamics- branch of science that deals with relations between heat and other forms of energy. it has three laws.